stuck with project ( beginner)

Hello Guys....

I'm beginner. I have used LCD12864, light sensor, 4x4 matrix keypad and arduino Uno for my project. My question is, how to display the value on LCD once value been inserted by using keypad. My project based on measurement system. I have to use many formula in my project. Ex: for room index, R.I = (L x W)/ (Hm (L+W)) . L,W and Hm should be enter manually by user using keypad. As I don't know how to enter multiple values of L, W and Hm, thus I just assume the value is fix.

As you see, I have tried this for 2 days and I'm stuck. The output only work for sensor result but not R.I value and others values. How to insert the values in multiple numbers? Please anyone, any advise, any comment are very meaningful to me!!

lamp calculator.txt (2.74 KB)

this is my project

Your code is very badly formatted which makes it almost impossible to read. Use the auto-format option.

You need to break your learning into several parts, and I would leave the LCD stuff to last.

First, figure out how to get a value from the keypad, save it to a variable and display it on the Serial Monitor.

Second, figure out how to prompt the user for input - there is an example in planning and implementing a program.

Third figure out how to calculate the derived values

By that stage it should be much easier to figure out how to display the values on the LCD.

It is easier to get help here with code examples that just use the Serial Monitor as it is easy to download your code and try it.


Okay, thank you...I will follow your advise =)