Sudoku using TVout

I have been a big fan of mdmetzle's TVout:

With his latest library I have now put together a nice little sudoku game.

It requires 2 resistors for the composite video output.

We also need 5 pushbutton switches. Left, right, up, down and fire. These are wired to the same arduino pins as used by nootropic in his hackvision board design.

I have dont have a hackvision board but it should run my sudoku program.



Nice job! The game works perfectly on Hackvision. Glad the Controllers library was useful to you!

Thanks nootropic.

I'm happy it works, it's so easy to make a simple wiring mistake.

Your buttons controller library saved me a lot of time.

very nice work!

Thanks bill2009.

I have been a little obsessed with sudoku.
I have done it in VB for windows, C for linux and now
partial C++ for arduino.

I think I am now about sudoku’ed out.

With carl47's permission, I added the game to the Hackvision games page. I added automatic NTSC/PAL detection and sound feedback on button presses.

How about adding the ability to have the arduino solve a puzzle (eg. taken from a newspaper)? You could type in the starting grid and algorithmically fill in the rest. That would be cool.

But anyway this is a really nice project. Well played.

Thanks wossname.

Yes that is a nice feature. Another is a step back function to return to before you made an error.

Both these features are in my main programs using VB and C.

I do not intend to put them in this tiny version.