Suggestion controlling a fan using Arduino

I am trying to turn on and off a fan using an Arduino Uno. As you can see in the figure I am using a Sparkfun fuel gauge ( to sense current drawing by the fan. I am turning the fan on for 1000ms and then turning it off for 1000ms. And after 100ms delay the turn on and off will go on continuously. Now the problem I am having is when I am measuring the current from the fuel gauge register I am not getting on-off current at a regular interval. From the datasheet of the fuel gauge, I attached say that (Table 8.10, page 7) the ADC conversion takes 1s to give every current measurement. Can anyone please suggest how should I calculate the delays (Or something else) in my code so I get a regular interval on-off load current? I am adding my code and circuit connection diagram (Please consider the picture quality) to make things clear. I really appreciate any suggestions.

**the load current diagram I added is for a LED but the ultimate target is connecting a FAN

Thanks a lot for your time!

#include <SparkFunBQ27441.h>

// Set BATTERY_CAPACITY to the design capacity of your battery.
const unsigned int BATTERY_CAPACITY = 500; // e.g. 500mAh battery
int Fan = 3;

void setupBQ27441(void)
  // Use lipo.begin() to initialize the BQ27441-G1A and confirm that it's
  // connected and communicating.
  if (!lipo.begin()) // begin() will return true if communication is successful
	// If communication fails, print an error message and loop forever.
    Serial.println("Error: Unable to communicate with BQ27441.");
    Serial.println("  Check wiring and try again.");
    Serial.println("  (Battery must be plugged into Battery Babysitter!)");
    while (1) ;
  Serial.println("Connected to BQ27441!");
  // Uset lipo.setCapacity(BATTERY_CAPACITY) to set the design capacity
  // of your battery.

void printBatteryStats()

  digitalWrite(Fan , HIGH);
  int current = lipo.current(AVG); // Read average current (mA)
  String toPrint = String(current) + " mA | ";
  digitalWrite(Fan, LOW);
  current = lipo.current(AVG);
  toPrint = String(current) + " mA | ";

void setup()
  pinMode(Fan, OUTPUT);

void loop()