suggestion for the visualization of my robot

Hi guys,

I am thinkg to use arduino for my project. I am designing a robot and I need him to identify obstacles infront of him using a camera.

Can I use Arduino to do this onboard ? or

I should send the image to a PC to do the processing needed ?

another question:

What cameras do you guys recommend to used for the objective mentioned ?

Thanks ...

I'm not sure what your robot has to do with the Arduino project, but it's clear you haven't spent much time searching for examples of robots with cameras, or Arduinos with cameras.

First thing to look at is how many pixels the camera has. Then, how much data is associated with each pixel. Say the camera is a nice one, with 5 million pixels, and that there is 256 bits of data per pixels. That's 1,280,000,000 bits of data per frame. The Arduino has 2000 to 8000 bits of SRAM. You're going to need an awfully big shoehorn to make the camera data fit into the Arduino's memory.