[Suggestion] Improve Library manager

Dear all,
thanks for your new IDE based on VS… finally a professional tool to develop arduino code!
I suggest you to improve Library Manager:

  1. Search only in the Libraries Title as default - There are a lots of libraries (some obsolete, some great). When you type a keyword in search bar, the results search the key into title and description and it’s really hard to find out what you need (and 99% of time you know the name of the library and need to scrool down a lot to find the correct ones).
    For example: I need am OSC library and type OSC as keyword. Most of the results is about Accelerometer and GyrOSCope.
    IMHO the search into other fields like description should be an optional flag.

  2. Implements a filter to show only installed Library.
    Sometimes you need to manage the installed libraries to upgrade or downgrade versions.
    A flag that show the installed library and search on that set will be great!

  3. A side request - often users make their personal modification to an official library to customize or add “private” features. It will be usefull if Arduino IDE can use a local sketch directory like “libs” or “libraries” as local libraries and give priority to the local folder instead have only a one /documents/arduino/libraries. I can do this with Visual Studio Code and Arduino Plugin.


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I also think that Claudio’s point 2 is very important! I typically take care of the installed libraries and rarely need new libraries. If a new one has to be installed, it is better to import a zip file.

This missing feature is tracked here:

This is something that will definitely be added in the near future. Even though Arduino IDE 2.x is still not ready to be a complete replacement for the classic Arduino IDE, the Arduino team decided that it was ready enough to make a public beta release in order to allow the whole community to get involved with the testing and development effort, in the spirit of open source.

There is a feature request for this here (Arduino CLI handles all non-GUI related tasks for Arduino IDE 2.x):

Hi Pert,
thanks for your reply.
The “Support building libraries with a sketch” issue was opened in 2018.
An user make a pull-request on 28th december 2020… It will be added in next beta?

I’d also be very interested in having this feature added.
And as a added bonus, please please support symlinks in the libraries folder.

I see the symlinks are actually working fine. Instead I had this problem: #1257