Suggestions for getting started on building a 16 x 16 pixel art matrix...

I'm an Arduino newbie who's interested in using the system to drive a pixel art display. However, I've had some trouble finding information about decent 16 x 16 RGB display boards as well as the required components to run them using an Arduino. If anyone has suggestions (including links to websites with more info), I'd be most grateful!


I'm an Arduino newbie who

Wants to run before he can stand. 16 by 16 RGB is in effect 768 LEDs.

In any ones book that is a big project and not one for beginners.

To build it from scratch you will need many external components and electronic skills you do not yet posses.

Start with something small like a 4 by 4 RGB LED array like this one:-

This one is in effect an 8 by 8 array:- Think you are up to wiring that? A 16 by 16 is four times the amount of wiring as this.

Hi, maybe 4 of these?


Wants to run before he can stand.

Indeed. Thanks for the humbling. I apologize for my lack of clarity: I'm not trying to assemble the beautiful LED matrices detailed in your links, but rather looking for a preassembled matrix that could be driven by the micro-controller. Regardless, your point is very well taken - baby steps. ;-)

Hi, maybe 4 of these?

Thanks! That looks like something I could start fussing around with.

You could build a matrix from strips of these:-