Suggestions for "Water proof" differential pressure sensor ie MPX5010DP MPVZ5010

I am wondering if anyone knows of a sensor like MPX5010DP but has the media resistant gel like MPVZ5010 which doesn't seem to come in the dual port versions...

The media resistant gel offers greater protection from moisture. I am looking to measure water flow in a pipe ( elbow flow meter ) or similar concept.

The data sheet for reference,

Thanks :slight_smile:

You need to water proof a pressure sensor?

I did a recent project using an air column and Baro sensors ( tee into the line at chosen points, add a vertical pipe for the air column, and seal the air column with the baro sensor ported at the top). works well so far in a fairly low pressure system (still evaluating, but results good).

Do you need to use the pressure sensor under water?
You can put your sensor in Hot Glue but be sure there is space/air inside the box hot glue or
you can use silicon to cover, silicon is more flex and will give you better readings. But of curse im talking if you wanna use the pressure under water/deep water.

you would want to use a diaphragm to isolate the sensors ports
not sure of the pressure you are looking to monitor, but water will eventually mix with the air and you will wind up with direct water contact.

a diaphragm can be much larger.

or just get a wet sensor.