Sunfounder Atmega 2560 with Eclipse - Not able to download/load progrm

First off thank you for any help.

I am not too new to programming in C using Eclipse as I'm an Electrical Engineering Student and have taken embedded programming classes using the Uno previously.

I am able to write code in C and load it to an Arudino Uno R3 without any problem. I recently switched to the Atmega 2560 and I am not able to load anything onto the Mega with the Eclipse software. I was able to use the generic Arduino IDE (latest version running on a Windows 10 computer with the most recent updates applied)

Eclipse info:
Version: Helios Service Release 1
Build id: 20100917-0705

Project File Info:
Programmer configuration: ArduinoUNO
Port: Com9
Baud: 115200
AVR Eclipse Plugin Version: 2.4.1
Builder Type: External Builder

I am Generating the hex file for flash memory. Do I need to generate it for the EEPROM?
In the C/C++ General tabs of the project properties folder (included directories) I have the C:\Arduinoworkspace folder setup.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I have found it very difficult to search these forums as the search icon in the top right brings me to google and the entire web.