Synchronized EL Wire costumes

Hello, Today is day 1 on my Arduino adventure :fearful: . I'd welcome high level guidance on making multiple EL wire and/or led light costumes sequenced with eachother playing off the sound of music. I play in a band and each instrument is mic'd and run thru a standard analog sound mixer into a PA system. Bonus point for thoughts on integrating with stage lighting (which we haven't purchased yet)

a) To get the separate costumes to sync, is there such thing as a wireless transmitter / receiver to get Arduino sequences to separate inverters which I assume would be needed and worn on each individual costume

b) Any experience / words of wisdom for different thickness of el wire. I see descriptions of 'Stage Performance' vs. "Dance". Not really sure the difference, only I assume dance is thinner and more comfortable but less bright. That doesn't help me decide which thickness to purchase.

c) Any other words of wisdom or links would be very welcome

Thank you. Miike

Something like this might work well for communications:’s-mesh-network/