Taking the next step: Arduino + WiFi + EPaper + Button + LEDs

Hi all,

I'm a software developer who has caught the bug and wants to jump into Arduino. I've had a bit of a play already, programming LEDs and servos. This is my first foray into WiFi!!

What I want to do is kinda simple:

  • WiFi connected
  • Arduino sends a GET HTTP request to a server, gets a JSON payload in reply'
  • Parses JSON and, if a certain message is in payload, displays it on an epaper screen and lights up an LED
  • Message goes away after a few seconds
  • If user taps button while message is displayed, a HTTP request with the message ID (included as part of the payload) is sent to the server, and LED lights up on success

My question is: is this too much for an Arduino Uno R3?

I'd be so appreciative if people could point me in the direction of the right board, wifi module and battery. I'm a little overwhelmed by all the information on wifi and battery and would love a little guidance.


Which display device are you planning to use?

I was looking at this one:


Assuming you also buy thus adaptor http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10304 them yes you can easily drive that from any Arduino.

Take a look at the WiFly RN-XV for a low-cost WiFly option. And since you want to be battery driven, maybe the Arduino Fio plus a LiPo battery? The Fio runs at 8MHz so it as half the performance of the UNO and it requires some soldering to add headers or connect wires.