Talkie Library and Arduino Beetle

Can the Talkie library work on the beetle?
I thought it'd be similar enough to the Leonardo so have successfully loaded the
Getting Started demo to the Beetle and hooked a headphone up to pin 3, the SCL pin.

The code is running but i don't hear anything from the SCL pin.

It's not an issue with my wiring as if i set pin 3 HIGH the LOW i hear clicks.

Anyone got any ideas or is talkie on the beetle just a non starter?


What is a non-starter is for you to post no code, no links, and still expect help.

What is an Arduino Beetle? What is the Talkie library? Where is your code?

This is the Arduino Beetle:

The Talkie library is here:

'My code" is the getting started example code included with the library:

// Talkie library
// Copyright 2011 Peter Knight
// This code is released under GPLv2 license.

// Welcome to the Talkie library examples.
// Talkie is a speech synthesiser that works from a fixed vocabulary.
// There are hundreds of words in the 'Vocabulary' examples.
// Sound is output on digital pin 3. It can drive headphones directly, or add a simple audio amplifier to drive a loudspeaker.

#include "Talkie.h"
#include "Vocab_US_Large.h"

Talkie voice;

void setup() {
void loop() {

The Talkie library was written for the ATmega328 processor. The Leonardo uses the 32U4 processor.

You would probably modify the PWM Timer code to get it to work.

it does say in the readme:

Currently supporting:
ATmega328 as found on the Uno and Nano bords.
ATmega32U4 as found on the Leonardo and CircuitPlaygound boards.
ARM0 (but not tested) as found on the SAMD, Teensy and Particle boards.

Perhaps you need to change something in the library to indicate the 32U4 processor.

Talkie works fine for me using the 328 processor BUT I use an amplifier.

hooked a headphone up to pin 3

Either processor can be damaged by connecting a speaker or headphone on an output pin.

Since Talkie uses Timer1, this post might be relevant: