talking thermometer

Hi, Can anyone help me with this project please, I am wanting to create a talking thermometer using an uno. I would like the project to speak the temperature whenever it changes I.e every 'c drop or increase the arduino will speak out the relavant temperature. Not sure where to begin with what parts to be sourced to start the project with. Thanks


I just yesterday downloaded the "Talkie" library. It comes with a talking voltmeter in the examples that may be easy to modify for your needs.

I agree that the software speech solution is the way to go. However, I found the "voltmeter" example in the Talkie library to be less than optimal. The way it vocalizes numbers like 44 is quite awkward and unpleasant. So, I wrote a new number-to-speech routine that uses a different ROM library, and just the single digit numbers 0-9. It vocalizes ascii digit strings such as "12.34" and is much more intelligible. The routine is named sayNumberString().

For a plain "C" example illustrating the latter approach see the third post in this series:

Also, the speech sounds better if you change the delay(25) in talkie.cpp to something like delay(10).