tap gesture in mpu6050 (gy9250)

Hi everyone,

I started a new project and for this i need use the tap gesture that including in the mpu6050 (gy9250)
when i read the datasheet of this object I saw that there is tap gesture there but i cant see where I can use it' I mean which register I need to use and how.
Is anyone used this gesture bedore in mpu6050 (gy9250) and can explain how I can use this?

thanks for all


Yeah you can easily detect different gestures of your hand using MPU6050, but it’s not like there’s some gesture controlling feature or Pin in 6050.

First of all, you need to interface it with some microcontroller like Arduino and then place it on some surface, let’s say on the palm of your hand.

Now in your coding you can detect different positions of your hand with MPU6050 like vertical, horizontal or at some tilted angle. And can design any gesture controlled project.


thanks for your response’ so if I understand, by make term about the angle or the acceleration I will know if it was a motion or something like this


Yeah something like that. Actually you will be getting values for different orientation of MPU6050 but as it's attached to your hand so it will be like you are making different gestures and controlling things.

YES, you can get tap gestures with the mpu6050 See page 4 of the features guide attached and you can download this file and the latest drivers from the Invensense Developers corner you may need to request access!

Also, you can find an older version of the mpu6050 firmware already optimized for the Arduino UNO platform on Github at i2cdevlib/Arduino/MPU6050 at master · jrowberg/i2cdevlib · GitHub
WhileI I believe this has the tap gesture is included I’m not familiar with the process of capturing this event.


App Note 2- Motion Driver 6.12 Features Guide.pdf (343 KB)