TCRT5000 Infra-red sensor module noise deduct?


I am working on the project to detect eye blink which uses infra-red elements.

Now I am trying to use TCRT5000 module which has GND/VCC/digital/analog terminal, with potential meter.

It seems sufficient module for my project but I am worrying about IR noise depends on brightness.

I saw some tutorials of noise deductions but it uses the differences from IR/Receiver ON/OFF data directly to arduino.

But, as sensitivity is important I would like to use TCRT5000 module. To deduct the noise, getting input when IR transmitter is OFF is essential. But it seems TCRT5000 module doesn't have option that I can turn on/off transmitter or receiver respectively.

Is there any way that I can deduct IR noises while I am using TCRT5000 module? Any advice would be helpful thank you!