Tennis Ball Machine Control board

Hi. I have a mechanically working ball machine but the controller board may have failed. I'm considering how feasible it would be to create a new one with basically stock components?

There are five motors:
2 delivery wheel motors that shoots ball. They spin at different speeds to send the ball with topspin or with under spin.
1 Oscillation motor aims the two delivery wheels left and right It has potentiometer that connect to the oscillation motor to determine it's position
1 Elevation motor that tilts the delivery wheels up and down to control the trajectory-- has potentiometer to read it's position.
1 carousal motor controls a turning disk with 4 holes (carousal) -the faster it spins the faster balls are released.

These are the controls.

There are 6 positions that can be set on the right: The location of the sliders determines where the ball will shoot.

Program delivery will cycle through the positions (1-7) set on the right.
Random delivery will chose a random position to send to. You can turn on or off the position sliders to use any number of the 7 possible positions.

Ball Feed knob/potentiometer: Turn to the right and the faster the carousal spins.
Speed Control knob/potentiometer: Turn to the right and the faster the delivery wheels spin.
Spin Control knob/potentiometer: Turn to the right and top delivery wheels spins faster than the bottom delivery wheel creating topspin. Turn to the middle and both motors run at the same basic speed sending a "flatish" ball. Turn to the left and the bottom motor spins faster than the top motor creating under or back spin.

If you don't use the control panel, switches, pots, etc., and use the rest to make an arduino-controlled machine, I might be interested in them. I have a Match Mate earlier version and need some parts.

Hello - did you progress this idea? My club have the same machine - it fully works, but would like to create a wireless controller. If anyone has any pin outs for the controls - that would help a great deal.