Terminal Crimp tools - how many have you seen?

I understand the concept of holding a hand-tool to crimp a terminal, since electrician mostly travel and terminate connections at the location. What about at the bench? I've seen the over-priced air crimper for $5,000 which is nothing more than a hand-crimp with a air cylinder and foot switch.

I was wondering - if anyone has seen a horizontal crimp tool. Instead of verticle, do a balancing trick to keep the terminal and crimp sideways. Horizontal - Crimp UP & DOWN. To insert a terminal from the top, and it STOPS at the bottom of the die - clamps around the side, and wire inserted from the top with the bare strands facing down to the floor. Has ANYONE ever seen anything like this?

No, I have not seen such a thing.

I an attaching a picture of a mounting bracket I made for our tech who makes heavy duty power cables for one of our customers. It was taking three hands to crimp the terminals using the hydraulic crimper.

This way he can do it using only two hands. Might work for you.


Paul: This device is too large for the Arduino sized headers (and smaller for FPV, R/C, etc...) type micro-connectors. As of now I'm using sticky-tack, tweezers and magnifying lens to wield the terminals. I actually need two or more hands to crimp these terminals, but not the power of both the strength of both arms.

But you understand the concept - gravity naturally pulls the terminal to the floor, so I do not need to do a fun balancing trick with friction to pray the wire won't push the terminal out sideways, or the terminal doesn't twist inside the crimp-die.

There are a vast varietyy of crimp tools.

A friend of mine ran a firm which made wiring looms for missiles, and had complicated and obscenely expensive ones which had to be calibrated every 3 months.

For standard 1/4" tags I've been known to use a pair of pliers.

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