Hi I have achieved a Produal Teat ntc 20 that is a termistor that is 20k when its 25 degree celcius, by putting a 20k resistor on the other side of a voltage divider, i can get a reading of about 10-40 degrees (according to data sheet). but is it possible to expand the measuring area somehow? aka use other resisistors to increase the voltage divider?

may be a simple soulution, but i'm tired, and my head is not working optimal =P

Is a termistor the main part of a Terminator?

The table shows resistance going from 609? at 120°C to 1,659,082 at -50°C. You should be able to measure the whole range by using the thermistor as part of a voltage divider and measuring the voltage. Since you didn't say, I'll assume your 20K resistor is used as a pull-up (connecting the pin to +5) and the thermistor is used as a pull-down (connecting the pin to ground).

float voltageAcrossThermistor = (analogRead(A0) * 5.0) / 1024.0; float resistanceOfThermistor = 5.0/voltageAcrossThermistor * 20000 - 20000;

Then you can use a linear interpolation of the Temperature/Resistance table to get the temperature from the resistance.


Ok. Take a look at:

Learn how to find this kind of stuff by using Google advanced search: http://www.google.com/advanced_search and in the “site or domain:” field put “arduino.cc”… Then your search terms. Try “thermistor” :slight_smile: