TFTs with Nano 33 BLE

Arduino Newbie here...

Just starting out with Arduino. My project involves using a Nano 33 BLE with a TFT screen (ST7735 based).
What are the options in terms of libraries for woking with the TFT ?

My first attempt at compiling a skeleton sketch with the UTFT library failed with a lot of errors.


I used the Adafruit library and that worked without error.

Dear gerrikoio,

Can I ask you if your TFT works fine with the Nano BLE 33? I am trying a 1.8 tft display with a nano 33 ble sense and it goes extremely slow! You can see more details about my issue here:

Thank you very much in advance!!!

I will check later in the week for you...

Thank you very much! I am looking forward for you reply. :slight_smile: