The BlokClok - Abstract RGB Clock

I thought you might like to see my BlokClok concept.

Arduino driven clock. Unique and abstract concept using an 8x8 RGB Dot Matrix Display. The time is indicated using blocks of colour. The central 6x6 grid is split into 4 x (3x3) grids and each 3x3 block is a different colour. The number of LED's per 3x3 grid indicate the digit. i.e. if the first 3x3 grid has 1 LED lit then the first digit is 1, the second has 7 then the 2nd digit is 7, etc. The top two grids are the hour digits and the bottom 2 the minutes. Around the edge the unused LED's have a moving light that shows the approximate position of the seconds.

The display is driven by 4 x 74HC595 Shift Registers controlled from the Arduino. Each register controls a colour (r, g & B) with the final register multiplexing the rows. The time is obtained from an DS1307 Real Time Clock chip with battery backup so that the device can be powered down and will resume at the correct time when powered back up again.

I'll post some pictures, schematics and code when I get the chance.

Excellent stuff. I always enjoy weird clocks, love it where I watch for the first few changes with W.T.F. ?
and then suddenly "click" and it's very obvious.

Very cool.

Thanks for sharing the clip.

That's extremely nifty! Took me a little while to figure out what was going on, then it became very easy to read.

It would make a good watch if only I had the skills to miniaturise it that far...


Very nice Mike.
What was the music? Submit it to the Maker Blog and see the hits go through the roof.

Watching the video I just got an idea for a clock project (I have to many ideas and too many projects at the moment so some one might like to do this). A clock that has a display of 4 (or 6) RGB LEDs, the time is displayed by the LEDs being the resistor colour code colours. How's that for a niche product?

The music is Erik Mongraine and Air Tap! - Fantastic guitarist.

Your clock idea sounds extremely esoteric!!

Already submitted to Make:


You Made it on Hack A Day that means your doing something right

Cool :slight_smile:

Hey hey, I am totally in love with this project. I am sort of new to arduino-ing (although I just finished an arduinome), but I have an idea. I would like to make an alarm clock based on this idea, one that plays a short mp3 tune that I composed. Do you think that this is possible? could you send me the schematics and code in any case? Thank you so much!!!