The circuit to an EE-SX3070/-SX4070 Photomicrosensor

Hello, I have a very basic understanding of electronics in general. I purchased an EE-SX4070 photomicrosensor. I have tried my best to follow the circuit set up in the datasheet for this sensor. So far I have had no luck. The sensor will heat up mostly and doesn't give any helpful input (random numbers). I would appreciate a picture of what the circuit should look like on a breadboard, and what types of input I should be getting if the sensor was connected to an analog pin on an arduino.
Thank You

A very brief search using simple terms and a well-known search engine (rhymes with “oogle”) found this

This is what I am going off of. The forum post in the link above was helpful but I am still confused and looking for a picture of a circuit not just a schematic.

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Assuming you are connecting the sensor to a microcontroller board:
If Arduino, which one? If not, then which one? What is the Vcc voltage, 5 or 3.3 volts or?

I apologize, I have an Arduino UNO. The sensor is connected to 5v and in all cases( both emitter and receiver). I am confused with the part of the schematic where the signal line and power line are connected through what I assume is a resistor (zig zag line).
I appreciate the help!

Its a pullup resistor that holds the input pin HIGH until the phototransistor pulls it low, but the Arduino has builtin pullups that you can enable. So, connect K to GND, A to a 5.6 or 6.8K resistor then other end of resistor to +5V. Connect V to +5V, G to GND and O to your input pin (4 for test). In setup, set the input pin to INPUT_PULLUP.

byte inPin = 4;

void setup()
   pinMode(inPin, INPUT_PULLUP);

void loop()
   digitalWrite(LED_BUILTIN, digitalRead(inPin));

The LED should go ON / OFF when you block the sensor.

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