thermometer probe


I have the this temperature probe, which I would like to try to get a reading from:-

Can anyone tell me if I just wire one end up to 5v and the other to analog in? Or do I need a resistor? Also is the polarity critical?

I can experiment with what gives me the best reading but I just want to make sure I'm not going to fry it.


That site tells you nothing about the probe.

It could be a thermistor, it could be a thermocouple. A multimeter will
discriminate between these as a thermocouple will exhibit a very low
resistance (an ohm or two at most probably).

A thermistor would have a resistance that varies a lot with temperature
(try dunking probe in boiling water and see if it changes. The resistance
would be more like hundreds or thousands of ohms.

Thermcouples need a precision amplifier so a thermocouple shield or
similar would be needed. Also thermocouples come in several varieties
each with a different response.

Thanks for your help. I will check it with a multimeter tonight.