Timezone difference in Chart Widget between App and Browser?

Just starting out here, but looking at the chart widget shows a different timezone for the app? From my desktop, time is correct - screenshot attached showing the same datapoint on both versions:

I’m also having the same issue. Any solutions?

Nobody knows if there's a solution about the difference between timezone displayed in CLoud or and APP?

I also have the same issue. I am sure this is a bug. It should be reported to the Arduino team but I don't know how to do it.

I reported it and they acknowledged it on April 26th. No fix yet. Not good - especially as we pay for this service.

Hello there, this is something we are working on. A fix will come soon!

A new release ( v.1.0.13 (68) ) of the Arduino IoT Cloud Remote is rolling out, it contains the fix to this issue. Please let me know if it solves for you!

Hi, What do I have to do to use this new release on the web editor? Is it enough to re-compile my program? Thanks.

@jarriaga no, it's not needed. It's a fix on the mobile app.

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