Titus XBee book, using wrong XBee, did I break it?

Hi all -

I'm working through Titus' "Hands-On XBee Lab Manual" but I have a different XBee (XBee S2) than he uses in his book (Digi model XB24-ACI-001, not available anymore). Everything worked fine until I actually tried to set mine up as a transmitter (experiment 3). I couldn't find a way to set the parameters he describes, so I loaded the .pro file (downloaded from the book's website) into X-CTU and wrote that to my XBee, which I now realize was probably not a good idea! The configuration failed, so I clicked on restore, but that didn't work.

So now X-CTU can't even read from my XBee, I can't establish communication with it in the terminal window ("+++" is not responded to with an "OK", but with a baleful red dot!). So I'm wondering did I actually permanently break my XBee? Is there any other way I could try to restore it? If it is really dead, could someone please recommend which XBee to buy next and another way to learn how to set up XBees to work than the Titus book.

Thanks for any help/advice you could offer! Cam

Happy update: I unplugged the XBee from my PC (it's on an XBee-USB adapter) and plugged it back in again, and it worked! So that answers my question about did I break it: nope, these things are foolproof (so far - nothing is proofed against a determined fool). I would still appreciate some advice on where to look for good XBee guidance - my apologies if this has been asked before in this forum! For now I'll just carry on with what I can figure out from the book and try to apply it to the XBee S2...


Well I found an excellent resource right here on this website! http://arduino.cc/en/Guide/ArduinoWirelessShieldS2

I'll research more before posting next time! Got kinda frazzled when I thought I'd fried my XBee...