TM1637 0.56" with ESP8266 Nodemcu Enigma

Greetings everyone
As mentioned in the title, I have three 0.56 inch TM1637 Displays (Bigger) and I have several sketches for these Displays with ESP8266 NodeMCU but it doesn't work at all. I want to say here that the problem is not in the codes, because the same codes all work with Arduino Uno and Nano, for example.

When I say it doesn't work, it even lights up the LED on the back of the board, but it doesn't show anything on the Display.

I add here that the same codes work with ESP8266 and the 0.36 inch TM1637 Displays (those smaller Displays).

I've read some tutorials saying that pull up resistors must be connected to the CLK and DIO pins of the Display that, in fact, I did, but it didn't result in anything. (website RobotDyn TM1637 4 Digit LED Display with 0.56" Digits)
I assume that the problem must be related to the power on the Display's CLK and DIO pins, but I've tried it in several ways and with no result.

So, I ask for everyone's help and I leave my thanks,

Please read the first topics giving information for new users.
You have forgotten almost every piece of needed information. How do You think helpers would find the reason?

Hello Railroader!
So friend, I think I've explained what's satisfactory for the helpers to understand because, as I said, it's not a software issue and I even left a link to the schematic I used for the connections. However, what do you think I should add?

You think..... Many members do that and cuts out info.
Present code, wiring and real fault description here.

Your description "it doesn't work at all" contains no information what so ever.
Maybe I'm the stupid guy and You are the clever one....

Although only one person answered me, which was the Railroader, the problem with this type of Display is related to the power supply, that is, two smd Capacitors with capacitance beyond the limit, which are soldered on the board, thus preventing the correct functioning of the Display; therefore, it was necessary to use two Pullup resistors on pins CLK and DIO to regulate the power supply.

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