Tomtom Wired GPS


I just found a Tomtom wired GPS, for a old PDA, and was thinging about using it for the arduino. Heres the wiring for the cable on the GPS unit: And this is whats stands on the SIRF chip: Sirf gsp2e/lp

On the PDA it was seen as a seriel port, so can it be used on a Arduino? If yes, how do i wire it up, and is there some software for it?

Best Regards Zeecue

should work with the arduino. just figure out which pins are rx, tx,power, ground. make sure you use the same baudrate so you can see the nmea data. theres alot of gps tutorials on the net. check go to tutorials and then go to gps shield. lots of good info there. has a write up on their site last i checked. im using the newer surf 3 unit with my gps i built with arduino.i used the new soft serial library, tiny gps library. i posted my code on the forums here bur im interfacing the serial.print to lcd.print.


I have just tried the TinyGps and NewSoftSerial, but it dont show anything, and i have read that the Tinygps software might have problems with Arduino Megas.

Best Regards