Total amateur wants to build a menorah. Need any ideas you might have!

Hi all!

I am a single mom and i recently found myself homeschooling my 11 yo son. It was the least planned but we are having so much fun! We got the Arduino starter kit and my mind was crashed and blown a few time. Good times!

We now want to move on to a light project and with Hanukkah coming up are eyeing a self lighting menorah. I like the idea of automating all religion. Mext up: synagogue robot or such.

Anyway, my question is how can I build a decent size menorah with an output greater than 5v and room for artistic creation of the actual menorah? I am asduming we would have to get the power elsewhere but cant imagine how to make that work. I'm at this point of confusion where I really dont know enough to dig a way forward on my own. Any advice would be a million times blessed by our future robo-rabbi.


Have you seen this page?

Or this one from a few years back

Or this round up of several different designs

Welcome Frinkles!

Here is what a 5V kind would look like: and and

Now, to use larger, brighter bulbs it is a matter of using something to drive the higher current devices: generally this falls into the area of relays or power FETs.

I'm proud of your stay-at-home and teach your child attitude.

Keep things safe by not attempting to mess with power relays and 120V AC lightning :astonished:


Look like Grumpy beat me to the Post button by seconds :D

"Keep things safe by not attempting to mess with power relays and 120V AC lightning "

Yep, i try to avoid LIGHTNING too!

Yep, i try to avoid LIGHTNING too!

… Not the first time auto-spell-checker has bitten! :wink:

I thought my post disappeared when I got no notifications of responses! Thanks so much! Will look into your answers and report back.