Totally open source Zigbee Module: MeshBee

Hello everybody: I'm doing an open source zigbee RF module for making connected things. This has been brewing since last year. I'd like to introduce it for you. MeshBee Firmware Architecture:

Now it supports: (1). Full Zigbee Pro stack; (2). Easy-to-use Arduino-ful user programming space(AUPS); In order to simplify the development of application for user, we create an Arduino-ful user programming space(AUPS). It consists of two arduino style function? IO_T led_io; int16 state = HAL_PIN_HIGH; void arduino_setup(void) { suli_pin_init(&led_io, 9); //init led suli_pin_dir(&led_io, HAL_PIN_OUTPUT); }

void arduino_loop(void) { suli_pin_write(&led_io, state); //set led if(state == HAL_PIN_HIGH) state = HAL_PIN_LOW; else state = HAL_PIN_HIGH; }

You can simply treat MeshBee as a wireless arduino.

(3)..Fully supports AT/Data/MCU/API mode; (4). Easy-to-use Sleep Mode with AUPS.

I own the achievements we already made to a warmly community. I'd like any feedback on things people like/dislike in MeshBee. Thanks. For more details:!forum/seeedstudio-mesh-bee-discussion-group

People like open source. XD