Traction control via abs - signal processing


I am a novice when it comes to electronic's . I can follow someone else's instructions , ie I built a megasquirt ecu , but designing circuitry and detailed code writing are above me at this stage . I have a 4x4 offroad vehicle , currently all I have done is create a simple tiptronic style automatic gearbox control for it . This uses an audrino mini with switch inputs , keeps track of the gear and controls the two solenoids the select the correct gear.

It currently has a landrover abs unit installed and I use this to individually actuate the wheel brakes , via a relay based control box and two joysticks . I had intended to fit the wheel speed sensors and wire in a landrover abs/traction control module however as it sends out and receives one input from the can bus in the vehicle I am concerned it will just go into fault and not work as I do not have the other modules . Coupled with it was not the most responsive unit in the first place I was considering making an audrino based unit that would control the individual brakes and also traction control .

This is not a road vehicle so I was hoping to keep it as simple as possible . searching the web brings up a bunch of info about conditioning the input and one about a chip that will do the job with two inputs .

Stupid question time . This just cleans the signal up and I still need to count signals ?

I am not really interested in the output , ie not wanting to know the wheel speed , I just want to compare it to the other wheel . Is there a simple way of doing this without making a counter type program ? Does anyone have any advice on what direction I should take and maybe some links I can go and read to learn a bit about what I want to do .

Thanks Chris