Transmitting logged data from Arduino Uno to computer


So, I am relatively new to Arduinos, however I will be using an Arduino Uno as part of my group's senior design project.

Essentially, the project will be taking measurements from various strain gauges, passing through an Anderson loop, and the voltages will be read on the Arduino. We would like for this to be able to interface with a computer (we decided to use Makerplot software). So, Makerplot will be capable of plotting force from the strain gauges over time and also recording the maximum force output.

I've done a bit of research into the communication aspect behind it, but I guess I'm a bit confused on what to use. I was thinking about using a wireless shield on the Arduino along with a XBee module. Then have another XBee module for it to communicate with and that will be attached via USB to the computer. I'm not sure if this is the best setup to use... It seems a bit redundant to me and I don't know if there's a better/simpler way to transmit the logged data to the software. I am also looking for this to be as close to real time feedback as possible, so an SD card, etc. would not be ideal.

Any help would be appreciated :)

You probably may want to look into Processing. It's a program similar to the Arduino IDE, and you can use Bluetooth to connect and display data. One catch, Processing and Arduino may be similar, but Processing has its own Forum, so no one over here will really know how to help you, unless they've used it themselves.

You can get a Bluetooth shield or you can get a regular HC-05 or 06 module. I myself got a JY-MCU BT module and so far, no problems.

That actually sounds great! I did some basic research into Processing and Bluetooth (which I had previously ruled out), but I’ll start messing with it and see what I can do!

The end user of this will be someone who is non-technical. So, just out of curiosity, would I be able to just program the Arduino, hand it off to them, and then they can download Processing and it will just graph the data without them doing anything else outside of setting up the Bluetooth connectivity?

You need to write and give them the processing code.