Interfacing Data with Graphics

Hello there,

I'm using the Arduino Uno and I'm interested in having two sensors one a temperature sensor on pin A0 and the other a hall-effect latch sensor on D6 measuring RPM of a rotating wheel.

All I want to do is have my data posted onto the computer serially and have a graphics, like a line or bar graph that just keeps track of both of my sensors and updates in as near real time as possible.

What do you think I should do? Should I interface the UNO with Matlab and have my graphics done in there? Would I need a text file, SD card (I have a shield with this if needed); any suggestions or insight would be great appreciated :smiley:


The easiest (read only) way to get data from the Uno to a PC is through serial communication. No need for files or storage. I would set up the serial port to 115200 baud, send a framing character, an int (or float) for temp, a delimiter (,) an int for RPM and a character return/linefeed (end of frame). That would be over 1000 frames per second. Fast enough? As for Matlab I don't know. I have done similar with Processing to display accel and gyro data.

You did not mention what PC operating system you use but if it's Windows then maybe SimPlot will suit your needs. If your using Linux/Mac then maybe a Processing sketch will do.

I would strongly suggest that you go here and view all the video about Arduino and Python by Paul McWhorter. They are great and will lead you to be able to do exactly what you are asking for. All open source.

Do I hear a amen?

Thank you all for the quick replies; all great information that I will have to look into!

But now I quickly need to fix a WiFi issue, so time for a new thread; but when I come back to this I will definitely need to look into all of this information! Thanks again :slight_smile:


PS: Amen !

I use PLX-DAQ which is a freebie macro that feeds direct into Excel. This enables you to make a graph in real time with Excel. You only ever need an SD card for on-board backup.

Check out this interface shield.

Hey thanks Titanium69 and Nick_Pyner for the additional information this will for sure come in hand :slight_smile: