Transmitting what a microphone picks up and sends it wirelessly to an arduino uno

I was wondering if it was possible to transmit data from what a microphone picks up (3 pin mic) wireless via 433mhz RF Transmitter and Receiver module to an arduino uno board which manipulates the signals into an led when the sound level is too high without an arduino board at the microphone end. I have tried to do it but the led just flashes. Any suggestions to what I could do?

Not likely. Go for a more powerful controller. Raspberry or so.

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Arduinos are generally too slow and have too little memory for audio signal processing, but a few limited applications are possible. The 433 MHz RX and TX modules are even more limited, and can handle only digital signals at low data rates.

If the point of your project is to monitor sound levels, have the Arduino with the microphone decide when it is "too high" and just send a digital signal via radio to that effect. The VirtualWire radio library is simple and small, and fine for such an application.

The other problem is , if this is to be accurate , the frequency response of the microphone is important as is calibration.

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