Trouble importing library on Arduino 1.0.5 r2

Hello all, I am having trouble importing the Ethercard library. I have downloaded the zip file from 3 different websites and when I try to import the library the Arduino program states "ZIP does not contain a library." I have tried extracting the contents of the file (which I read I am not supposed to do, but ran out of ideas) and that did not work. I then tried dragging the zip file into the library folder and then opening Arduino, but that didn't work either. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

Another error that came up was "ignoring bad library name"

unzip the lib to correct folder. (subfolder under 'libraries') Beware restrictions on folder names

knut_ny: unzip the lib to correct folder. (subfolder under 'libraries') Beware restrictions on folder names

Yea, the biggest and most retarded restriction being dashes in the library directory name. There is no reason for this as all the IDE on all the supported OS platforms support dashes in filename/directory names so there is no portability reason for this.

knut_ny, my guess is that you downloaded a git zip repository image from the repository. This is not a "normal" Arduino library zip image and by default will create a zip image with a sub directory called: {reponame}-master So if you got it from the ethercard repo you end up with a directory called ethercard-master which is rejected by the IDE. If this is the case, you need to strip off the "-master" from the directory name. (just rename the directory)

Personally, I think the IDE should not reject dashes in filenames and if it wants to be this dumb, then prompt you to rename it rather than installing it (since the name is perfectly valid), and then reject it later when trying to use it.

--- bill

…so problem is solved ??


yes problem solved, thank you guys very much for the help!

hi every one

i am trying the example codes that are given in the following link i am using the Arduino 1.0.5 and i am getting the following errors while compiling the code it self..

GSM_Testing.cpp:15:17: error: GSM.h: No such file or directory
GSM_Testing:17: error: 'GSMModem' does not name a type
GSM_Testing.cpp: In function 'void setup()':
GSM_Testing:29: error: 'modem' was not declared in this scope
GSM_Testing.cpp: In function 'void loop()':
GSM_Testing:39: error: 'modem' was not declared in this scope

any one who is reading the post please help me out...

thanks in advance...

library missing? put the downloaded library in a subfolder under 'libraries'

hi thanks for reply

i didn't downloaded any GSM library for this. but in the "program files/Arduino/libraries/" i found GSM folder inside and there are no.of file there are notepad files with out any extension... what i have to do now???

->do i need to download the GSM library???? ->from where can i download this library ??? i searched in for these libraries i did'nt find anything if you know any links from where we can download please share with me ...

there are notepad files with out any extension... what i have to do now???

Uninstall Windows, and install a real operating system.

Or, learn how to actually use Windows, and tell it to stop hiding extensions. Stupidest thing they ever came up with!

control panel, folders, show…set/remove x as u please.
there is one ‘hide extension’ for known filetypes… uncheck