Trouble installing IDE 2

IDE 2 shows error code0x80010135: path too long

Hi @johannesvk. This is a difficult issue caused by the deeply nested collection of code dependencies bundled with the Arduino IDE 2.x installation. Windows is quite limiting in this respect.

The Arduino IDE developers are tracking it here:

What you can do is install the IDE under the shortest path possible. e.g., something more like this:


instead of something like this:


There is also mention of an installer helping with that situation in the issue I linked to above. At that time, we had not yet added a Windows installer to the Arduino IDE 2.x, but we have done it since then. So if you are using the "Windows ZIP file" version of the Arduino IDE 2.x, you could try instead to use the "Windows Win 10 and newer, 64 bits" download, which provides an interactive installation.

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