Trying to send an image with my gsm shield sim 900

Hello. I have a gsm shield arduino and esp32 cam. The tx and rx are hooked up from my esp32 to my arduino. It takes a picture then sends the image as hex to my arduino I want to send the image by text message. Here is a similar thread I am doing a similar thing but trying to send an image.

I have been searching around and not found any answers. Does anyone have any tips? thanks.

That's an MMS message. I didn't see any MMS commands in the SIM900 AT Commands manual, just in the SIM800 AT Commands manual. Which chip is on your GSM Shield?

Update: Here is the basic AT Command Manual for the SIM900:

Note: Their HTTPS certificate is out of date so you may have some problems viewing and/or downloading the document.

Hello. This link shows my board. I don't know much about them.

The big square thing in the middle of the board, labeled "SIM900", is likely a SIM900.

Good news! The SIM900 does have MMS AT commands! They are just in a separate document:

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Thats awsome news thanks alot for the help.

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