TSL2591 Interrupts

I'm pretty new to all of this but I am a very experienced programmer. I have hooked up a TSL2591 light sensor circuit and I am particularly interested in triggering an interrupts when light falls outside of a range of values as is described in the documentation.

After I setup my own program and have no luck in getting an interrupt I run the example application tsl2591_example and have been unable to trigger an interrupt despite making it either exceedingly dark or bright. Does anyone have any similar problem or advice?

Adafruit has an example with their library. Maybe try that: Adafruit_TSL2591_Library/tsl2591_interrupt.ino at master · adafruit/Adafruit_TSL2591_Library · GitHub

Thank WildBill but I have and to no avail. I managed to find another older post regarding TSL2591 and they had found some flaws in the Adafruit library specifically related to interrupts. 4-6 hours of tinkering and I've got it to interupt at what I would call pretty random times - truly disappointing.

Generally I haven't had any problems with Adafruit libraries, but I have not used that one. And you know what people say: "All software has bugs".

Can you see how to fix it for them?

Well he seems to have gotten his version to work a bit and I used what he gave and got further but still don't understand what it is doing. There are two interrupts, one appears to fire randomly and the other never seems to stop. There are threshold values that you can give to the interrupts to tell the interrupt to occur when the "ambient light" is outside of the range however I can't find what the actual values are and whether or not I have 50-50 or 0-1500 (as is in the sample provided), I get identical results.

Care to post your actual wiring and the actual code that you're using?

Are you able to measure the voltage change on the sensor's output pin when you expect the interrupt to occur on your multimeter?