tsop 1738 and IR led

Hi, I'm trying to make an obstacle sensor with tsop 1738 and IR led, and I need to set led frequency 38kHz now my code is:

//this variables are not changing const int ir_left = 2; //IR led const int tsop = 5; //TSOP1738

//starting tsop state int tsop_state = 0;

void setup(){ pinMode(tsop, INPUT); pinMode(ir_left, OUTPUT); Serial.begin(9600); }

void loop(){ digitalWrite(ir_left, HIGH); //set led on tsop_state = digitalRead(tsop); //tsop Serial.println(tsop_state); //print tsop state delay(3000); }

so what is missing?

so what is missing?

Something to drive the LED at 38kHz.

:) well I realize that :D so maybe u know how to drive led at 38kHz. Do I need to modify hardware? Or I can do it in program code?

You could use a 555, or you could drive it with software - 38kHz is only a 26us cycle time. Your choice.

ok, thanks