Turnigy TGY-4409md Servo on Attiny85 - HELP

I am powering it with 2 750mAh 1S 35-70C lipos in series to get it running at 7.4-8.4V, then using a voltage divider with r1 being 47ohms and r2 being 100ohms the servo gets about 5.5V. I am using a ATtiny85 to control the servo (I am fairly sure that I have done everything correctly with that as if I plug a LED into the pin of the ATtiny that i am running the servo off and in pulses normally). When it is running it clicks about 4-5 times a second and there is no vibration or load on the servo.

Your voltage divider cannot work with a servo. The voltage will break down as soon as the motor is activated. You need a true step down regulator for powering hungry motors, or servos suitable for the full voltage range of the lipos.

Would something like a 7806 +6V 1A voltage regulator do the trick?

Check the minimal input voltage of the regulator. You may need a modern "low drop" regulator.

Would something like a 7806 +6V 1A voltage regulator do the trick?

Yes, but it will be inefficient. If your motor moves a lot be sure and put a heat sink on the regulator. A better choice would be a DC-DC converter, such as one from this page.

A bit expensive.... Ebay will have units that can handle 2 amp for a couple of dollars delivered.

I now have the 7806 voltage regulators as those were the ones I had easiest access to. However, it is still clicking and not moving. I got it from 7806 +6V 1A Voltage Regulator | Jaycar Electronics if that helps at all.

Nevermind, it was just not outputting enough current for the servo. Thanks you all for your help.