Turning capacitive water level sensor into salinity sensor?

Hi all,

I have been using a non-contact capacitive sensor to detect water level for my project (using the sensor XKC-Y26-V). I have a brief idea of how the sensor makes use of the changes in dielectric capacitance to detect a signal - I am just wondering given that capacitance should vary with conductivity of the liquid medium - is there any ways/approaches to hack the sensor so that I can also quantify the salinity?

The sensor outputs a digital signal - I try to analogRead() the signal (using Arduino UNO) with tap vs salted water but seems the reading are very similar and the two cannot be really discriminated ...


That sensor is more like a level switch. It reacts to water being present or absent; the output is high or low, nothing in between.

As far as I know you can't use capacitive methods to measure salinity to begin with. The common way is to measure the resistance of the liquid using a high frequency AC current.