Turning on light with a clamp and off after ten minutes

im new to arduino world and i dont know anything about coding. my aim is to set up a module turning on lamp with clamp and lamp goes off after ten minutes.
I would appreciate it if anyone could kindly consider writing code about that

post your sketch in code tags </> and provide a link to the "clamp" hardware.

If you do not know what you are doing this project may kill you. Get some expert help or do it with low voltage and then when it works get some help on the mains connections. They appear to be correct but I am not sure, the frizzy thing is fuzzy. If you use google you can actually find this project or similar ones online. Try doing a few of the Arduino tutorials, and of course the Arduino Cookbook is a great aid.

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Did you mean "clap" ? You will find many results if you search for "arduino clap lamp"

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