twin voltage sensers

Could someone point me at an explanation of or tell me how to connect two voltage sensors to a aduino uno and the code to use them please - assuming its possible
Have searched but without success

I'm guessing they are 5v reference. Whats your project?

And what voltage range are you expecting to measure?

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I've already got the project almost up and running, just got to finish of the inputs and outputs and tidy up the wiring.
The project is, a 6v solar panel supplies power to a 6v pond pump, the Ardino (the project) measures the voltage from the solar panel and if that voltage falls below 6v changes the supply from the solar panel to a 6v supply from a mains 6v transformer.
That works and already users one 25V Voltage sensor module (monitors the solar panel) to switch the supply and display the voltage on a lcd.

Both outputs (solar & transformer) will go through a Power Supply Step-Down Module to trim the 6v outputs to the same value.
The second 25V Voltage sensor module will sense and display the output from the Power Supply Step-Down Module.
Hopefully that all makes sense

So how can I connect and use a second 25V Voltage sensor module, can it be done ?

Where do these 25V sensor modules come from? Can you post a link to a data sheet?

Why not use a resistor voltage divider and measure the voltage with the Arduino?


This is the type of sensor - one in use and one ready to use.
Why i used that and not the Arduino itself is as being new to this type of thing the example i found used a external sensor and not the Arduino

Right... That is exactly what I suggested you use. That is 2 resistors in a voltage divider. The overall value is 5, so one resistor is 4 times larger than the other, say a 10K and 40K ish.

Those can be had for a little less than 2.99....

I take it you read the result of the sensor via an analogue pin?

You just need the resistors. You don't need it packaged up on a pretty little board.

thanks for both replys
could you point me at or give examples please - just assume 'he knows nothing'

i can generally experiment my way to what i want if I've got something to look at

Have you got any resistors? If so, list their values.

got a few packs of resisters
5.6,100,150,470,1k,4.7k,10k,33k,47k,100k,470k,1m ohms

solved i think

volt=(analogRead(0)/4.092)/10;//thats how i'm reading the voltage from the extant volt sensor
volt2=(analogRead(1)/4.092)/10;//and this should be how i'd read from an extra volt sensor

now why didn't i realise what that first line was doing - because i never looked properly

thanks for taking an interest people

If you use a 47K and a 10K you get a ratio that is slightly off but you can correct in code. So 25V to 47K to A0 to 10K to Gnd. Unless you want a bigger ratio or you want to use 100K and 470K.