Tx and RX wire length

I have a project where I have an LCD screen communicate to arduino using the tx and rx pins.
I was wandering what maximum length the tx and rx wires can be, if I want to place the screen far from arduino?

can I place it for example 3-4 meters away? what about the noise on the wire?
and if I cant do the 3-4 meters, is there any other option?


A low cost wireless link like the nRF24L01 might be an option.

thanks for the replay.
does that mean i cant achieve this using the tx and rx wires alone?
and how long can the wires go without noise?

3-4 meters should be fine.

Longer than that...use shielded wire (or use shielded wire anyway...it can't hurt)

For really long wires you're supposed to use a system called "RS485" (google it)

and how long can the wires go without noise?

There is no absolute answer because it depends on so many things like:-

  1. The speed of communications
  2. The capacitance of the cable
  3. The amount of interference about
  4. The amount of noise immunity you want
    To name but a few.

To boots the signals you can use a differential driver.
AM26LS32 and AM26LS31 form a differential buffer transmitter and receiver and you can use these with a twisted pair cable to transmit data over 50 meters.