Ublox M8N module & Nano

I enjoy working with Nano’s (they’re just cute :confused: ) powerful, small,inexpensive,easy…

So I recently bought a GPS module online (with a Ublox M8N, and ceramic antenna).

Problem is,…the examples in the Arduino IDE don’t work with the M8N :o
So I went hunting on the web to find some code that did prove the module was functionnal.

Here is what I found… https://www.monocilindro.com/2016/03/28/reading-gps-data-using-arduino-and-a-u-blox-neo-6m-gps-receiver/

I think the time has come to open a new catagory of examples in the tutorials section of this website called GPS.

Kudo’s to Davide Cavaliere who wrote the code to use these modules.

(Please transfer this request to the powers that be!.. :grinning: )

You didn't find NeoGPS? It's smaller, faster and more accurate than all other libraries, and it supports the newer GPS devices, like the NEO-M8 family. Lots of examples, too.