Ubuntu 9.04: Internet over WLAN-Router over Modem?

Hi guys, I’ve got a question regarding the latest Ubuntu-Release 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope). I know there are forums more specialized out there but I’ll give it a try before I register elsewhere:

I’ve got quite an extraordinary way of getting to the web: I’ve got a rather old WLAN/LAN-Router, which isn’t capable of my connections speed and can’t synchronize with it. Since I need WLAN for my girlfriend to have internet on her laptop, I just popped the DSL-modem my ISP gave me into the LAN1 connection of the router and the router “invisibly” gives the signal to the WLAN. I can’t access the router’s menu (doesn’t work, have tried all possible IPs), but it works like a charm nevertheless.
I just start my PPPoE connection (with username and password) and it connects as if i had the modem itself connected to my PC (and my girlfriend can at the same time start the same PPPoE-connection and is online, too). So I don’t really know what’s going on behind the scenes, I just start the connection as always.

In Ubuntu, that doesn’t work. I can connect to the WLAN, but can not start the PPPoE connection then. I had a try yesterday and connected the modem directly to my PC and it worked fine.

Any ideas how to convince Ubuntu, that the PPPoE-connection should be opened “through” the WLAN?

P.S.: Sorry if something is unclear, pls drop a line and I’ll try to explain further.

  • Otacon2K

Ok, it works now. In case anyone finds this over google, here is what I did:

  1. connect everything as usual (DSL-Modem to WLAN-Router, no cable connection to the PC)

  2. open Terminal

  3. type “sudo pppoeconf”

  4. Wait for the program to find something on your WLAN-interface

  5. Let it set all default settings except the one about xxx(can not remember the name) package sizes, at this point I chose “no”

  6. Done

Perhaps it is useful for someone else…

  • Otacon2k