UHF RFID Reader -> RS232 to TTL -> Arduino Mega

Hi I have a project using UHF RFID Reader to read the card ID and send it to Arduino Mega via RS232 to TTL.

I have tested the simple program using:-

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
SoftwareSerial mySerial (2,3);
unsigned char incomingByte;

void setup ()
Serial.begin (57600);
mySerial.begin (57600);
Serial.println (“Start RFID read!\n”);

void loop ()
//delay (2);
while(mySerial.available () > 0)
incomingByte=mySerial.read ();
Serial.print (incomingByte);
Serial.print (’–’);
Serial.println (’.’);
delay (1000);

But i couldn’t get any respond from the reader. As i check all of the hardware are working well. May i know is there any setting i need to change in order for UHF RFID can be work with arduino? Attached is the SDK interface.

I do not understand why to use SoftwareSerial library with Arduino Mega. It has 4 HW serial ports. Software serial has limitations (Arduino - SoftwareSerial), pin 2 in not good choice for Rx.

I have no idea how to receive the data from UHF RFID reader. Can you suggest what can work for my project? This is the video link i wan to do Long range RFID Reader - YouTube

Hope anyone can help on this, i suspect the problem is from the setting of the RFID reader. Please advice. Thank you in advance.