Unable to find headers from MediaTek Labs aws_mbedtls_mqtt library

When compiling using Arduino Uno IDE following headers are missing from MediaTek-Labs aws_mbedtls_mqtt library.

#include <vmsock.h>
#include “vmio.h”
#include “vmstdlib.h”
#include <vmchset.h>
#include “vmsys.h”
#include <LTask.h>
#include <LWiFi.h>
#include <LWiFiClient.h>
#include <LGPRS.h>
Please let me know where i will be get above libraries and where can i keep it in arduino libraries folder.

The screen shot is only so useful.
You might want to include a couple more things.

Sketch using CODE TAGS ( </> )
The complete output from the bottom console again using code tags.

Did you download and install the listed libs from the site / github / wherever as it just looks like you maybe missing one.

As stated in the documentation, that code is written for the Linkit ONE. You're trying to compile for an Arduino Uno. The missing files are part of the Linkit ONE hardware package.

@Ballscrewbob : thank you

I downloaded the files from following LinkIt One repository.

Unable to find what i'm mission from LinkIt one package, Please help me to solve this issue.

@pert : yes, any idea about where can i find Linkit ONE hardware package?

@pert : yes, any idea about where can i find Linkit ONE hardware package?

Here's the instructions for installing Linkit ONE support in the Arduino IDE:

But you need to understand Linkit ONE is a specific hardware board significantly different from the Uno. If you don't own one then that hardware package won't help you.

If you have an Arduino Uno then you will need to either find a different library to do what you're trying to do or port the library to work with the Uno, which may or may not even be possible.

@pert, thank you it works well, i missed to install LinkIt ONE board in Arduino IDE.