Unable to power DC motors

So I was working on a obstacle avoiding car . Using a arduino motor shield and two geared DC motors .But the main problem when I use two separate power sources for arduino and the motor shield (9 volt Battery)(After removing the Ext_Pwr jumper ) , the motors don't run and the "TX led " blinks constantly .And when I power the whole circuit by connecting it to PC , the motors work fine .

DC Motors: https://www.amazon.in/dp/B074P5QFYT/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_awdb_t1_A-4cBbGKBR2HX

Motor Shield:

9v battery :

9V "transistor" batteries are hopeless for running a motor, get a battery holder for 6 or 8 AA alkalines or rechargeable NIMHs (NIckelMetalHydride). And that shield uses old technology L293 drivers that are going to drop 1.5 to 2 volts right off the bat, so I would go with 8 AAs, 12 volts with alkalines or 9.6 to 11.2 V (at full charge) with NIMHs..

OK thanks . I will use NIMH 12v battery for the motors . But what you suggest for the Arduino itseft

If the Arduino's output load is not too high (say, 60 mA), you could use one of that box full of 9V batteries. :slight_smile: