Unable to reference GSM Shield 2 library.

Hi, I've just picked up a new GSM Shield 2 from the official ardunio team and I've been attempting to use it in my code. The problem that I am currently facing is that all (most) of the documentation / examples that I have found online seem to be referencing the GSM library - which doesn't seem to be compatible. In the few examples that I have found, specific to the GSM shield 2, they all seem to use the GSM2 library, which my arduino IDE is failing to recognise. Any idea what could be done about this / does anyone have some example code I could try? Any help would be appreciated :)


There are currently two different companies named Arduino. One has the website arduino.cc, the site you are on now. The other is arduino.org. arduino.org is the manufacturer of the GSM Shield 2 you purchased. They have their own version of the Arduino IDE that has a GSM library that supports the GSM Shield 2. The GSM library included with arduino.cc's IDE probably doesn't support the GSM Shield 2 because it's not their product. So you could install the arduino.org IDE or you could just download their IDE just to get the GSM library from it. I can give you instructions for how to do this if you want to do that.

This whole situation will soon be resolved because the two companies have negotiated to merge back together and soon the arduino.cc IDE(which has been much more actively developed than the .org IDE) will merge in the changes required to support all the .org hardware.