Understanding how to hook up the TFT display to wemos?

I am getting started with Arduino. I have got a Wemos mini D1 and a screen. This one

But i am always in the dark of how to hook up the pins and replying on clear instructions.
This one does not have any instructions and I am dont know where to start.

So how do I get started to find this information myself? So for example how do I know where I should hook up the VCC and SCL on the wemos? Can someone please point me to a good source for me to better understand how to use the pins properly?

Many thanks

It’s difficult to provide help because the Amazon page has no information about the the actual display. Is it SPI? I2C? What model is the chip? ST7735? ILI9163?

These questions must be answered to know how to wire and use. The only source for this information is from the seller per the note in the Amazon listing:

Due to character restrictions, more detail informations of this TFT screen, pls feel free to contact us to get after you order it. Thanks!

Install Adafruit_GFX and Adafruit_ST7735_and_ST7789 libraries via the Library Manager.

Choose the "software SPI" constructor. Either wire BL to 3.3V or to a GPIO pin.

When the software SPI is working for you, we will help you with Hardware SPI.