Unexpected reset in watering / lighting system

Alright powering the Arduino board with 9V (through the jack) is causing the reset. Does this mean that the regulator is failing? because for what I've readed powering with 9V through the jack is even advisable.

Is it a bad idea to think about powering with 5V through the jack? because that's how it spent the night and it was all steady. EDIT. It is a bad idea I just did it and the ethernet shield does not start. What about trying through the USB connector?

Yes. 6.5V minimum for the barrel socket. With 5V supply, use the 5V pin.

Hard to say what you did wrong there without diagrams and/or pictures. But it is perfectly normal and to correct to power the mega with a 5V supply connected to its 5V pin.

Thanks. You gave me trust to try it again and it worked fine through the 5V pin. Then probably I used the 9V adapter (instead of the 5V one!!) in the previous try :sweat_smile: their terminals look almost identical.

I will test this way for some hours, then using the relay shield and I will update.

EDIT. I experienced resets with the shield and using the 5V pin too. I'm back to power through the jack using only 5V, I know is not recommended and that the ethernet shield wont even start but is what has worked for now (like no reset during hours) so I gotta start from there to see what's wrong.

If I don't experience resets I will try again powering through the 5V pin.

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I'm having issues with powering through the 5V pin.

My "safe zone" is powering the Arduino board through its DC jack using only 5V, this way the board won't reset and will be steady. I cannot use the ethernet shield because of the low voltage and neither am using the relay module. This way has shown to be steady in time, no resets. Then when I increase the voltage to 9V it starts reseting and if I power with 5V through the 5V pin happens the same after a short while. I haven't tried the USB port tho. I wonder if there could be something wrong with the board or one of its components.

I wanna try powering the Arduino board alone with 5V through its DC jack and all other components through the LM7805 but I just noted it would be difficult with the ethernet shield due to its fixed pins

It's not really "safe" at all. The Mega is probably running on as little as 3.5V, and the chip is not guaranteed to run at 16MHz on such a low voltage. This won't cause any damage, but could lead to random freezes and unexpected crazy behaviours.

I also wonder if your components are faulty. I can't think of any other reasons for the way your circuit is behaving. I suggest taking everything apart and then find ways to test components in isolation, one at a time.

I tried powering through the USB port and it resets too.

Thanks for the advice. I've unplugged all the parts and started from cero using the millis() example. It's steady so far. I will perform a clean up over the board surface with an electronic cleaner. I once had issues with the USB / COM interface and solve them with a deep clean. I will start testing each part and will update with results.