Uninstalled USB serial device(COM3)

I have an Arduino Uno and a windows 10 machine. I had this avrdude: ser_open(): can't open device "\.\COM3": The system cannot find the file specified. error. Port under the tools menu was also greyed out. So i tried uninstalling the usb serial device(COM3) under Ports(COM & LPT) in device manager.
Now I cannot find the ports menu in the device manager even after enabling the show hidden device under view menu. I could not find any driver files to reinstall the deleted ones. I have attached the screenshots before and after uninstallation.
Before it looked like this: Google Drive: Sign-in
Now it looks like This: Google Drive: Sign-in .
I tried reinstalling arduino software. Didn't work.

RE- boot.
select "COMPUTER"

Let it do its thing.

Also check for any hardware with any type of error.
Fix those while you are in there.

Thank you. I did a scan but nothing changed. The Ports(COM & LPT) menu still haven't returned.

In which case I would need to know EXACTLY how you removed the com ports and ANY additional steps you may also have taken after thier removal.

You could also try a system restore to a date before you took out the COM ports.

I would also hope that you have a FULL backup routine too and don't just use a windows computer expecting it to be 100% working all the time.
That is a thing a lot of people dont do and it is when it bites the hardest that they need an expensive tech to fix it.

Presuming you have FULL access privileges to that computer too !
If you are using bitlocker or it is a company / loan / school computer you may be out of luck at this point until you take it back to the IT dept.

Thank you for that. I did a restore just now. So I fixed the uninstalled port. I had a recent restore point. But still arduino is not detected. I still have the error
avrdude: ser_open(): can't open device "\.\COM3": The system cannot find the file specified.

Problem uploading to board.
My port option in tools menu is still greyed out.

OK I need to to supply a decent picture of the board with the IC near the USB socket especially.

I would also like you to tell me what is now listed under COM LPT ports in device manager.
A screen shot would be great. It does not need to be the whole screen just that device manager list / section.

The board:BOARD
Device manager:device manager

Neither of those devices look like an Arduino !

Your looks like genuine board too btw.

I suspect that it may well be a driver issue at this point.

Are you using the REAL IDE or the APP or CREATE ?

If its the APP it has been reported to have some issues so a CLEAN install of either 1.8.1 or 1.8.2 would be my first step.

However there are some steps worth taking before you go that route.

I am attaching some instructions that seem to often help people.


I use the arduino app. I have followed the clean installation and reinstalled version 1.8.2. Still no change under the ports(com&lpt) section in device manager. I just found out that my board isn't listed under the other devices in device manager and also it is detected as a keyboard under devices and printers. The ports(com&lpt) show standard serial over bluetooth and does not show any usb serial ports.
Device manager:device

It looks like the item with device descriptor is the one you will probably need to install a driver for.

Did you get any messages when installing 1.8.2 ?
What were they ?

Also take a quick look at the following threads




There are some good tips in all of them.

Am also attaching a general troubleshooting list. Some of it you can ignore but the section about USB 3.0 may be of interest.

Arduino troubleshooting made easy.pdf (522 KB)

I was prompted to install the drivers during installation which i did. I am using the arduino through my usb 2.0. This thing was working fine before. Couldn't find what went wrong all of a sudden.
I just installed the ftdi drivers and refreshed the device manager. The ports(com&lpt) has disappeared again.

I managed to get another Arduino uno from my friend and it worked fine on my system. Also my uno had the same problem in his machine. So I'm afraid I have a faulty board. :frowning:

I found that each time I plug my board it gets added as an HID device.
The HID keyboard device under Keyboards and User input device under Human interface device are added when i plug in my board.
I got all those new ports installed when I used another uno board. But none of them detects my board. I doubt it isn't a hardware problem as it is detected as a keyboard.

Thank you @Ballscrewbob. I figured out the problem.I think it was a firmware issue of the atmel chip. This helped Virtuabotix is under construction